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Hey.I guess we all needed a little break from life a little bit. With coronavirus “situation” we all basically just sitting at home. Our busy lifestyles are slowing down for sometime. We all feel a little anxious of what it might happen in the future, but we still have to keep going and do what needs to be done: spending time with kids, trying to keep positive as we possibly can. Well, I am pretty busy here, since I have three kids. But  also I’ve been working on my galleries, finishing to edit all photos, updating my website and working on marketing for my business.

So today I finished one beautiful gallery. This gallery is of two little identical baby girls, I had a chance to photograph couple weeks ago. I absolutely enjoyed woking with them, and their gallery turned out so sweet and magical. Hopefully their parents will enjoy their images too!

I have such a deep connection with TWINS. Probably because I have a twin myself and this all quarantine ( because of coronavirus) makes me miss her even more. All my plans to see her in the summer, slowly dyeing, but I still have a hope that I will be able to travel to Lithuania this summer…

So yeah, please try to keep safe, take this time to recharge yourself, stay at home a much as you can with your loved ones. Hopefully this “mess” will end soon, and we will be able to visit different countries, to do what we love doing. We probably will change some priorities in life what was long forgotten. SO.. just stay positive, world. Much Love – Gabriele.

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