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This week has brought so much sadness and fear to the world. We want to protect our loved ones. We try to keep them closer to our hearts and hug them a little harder than usually. Coronavirus “situation” brought so much anxiety and thoughts about the life itself. What is the most important:  to spend time with kids, teach them new things, just to spend more time with the family. Even tho it’s a sad timing, but I appreciate every minute I can be with my loved ones. I missed just being there for them, without any distractions of busy life styles. No running, no excuses. You are just present to dig in in your child’s lives. This week I am a teacher, a cleaning lady, a mother, a father, a music instructor, PE teacher, a doctor, a healer, a God –  I am everything. And it’s fine. I will be okey. We all will be okey after this chaos. We just have to be positive, to stay home as much as we can. We need to listen to our hearts in order to protect the world to get rid of this Covid-19 virus for once and for all.

I do a lot of reading, I almost finished all my clients galleries I had to work on. Since I took a little break from photography,  no new clients at this hard time. I am able just to enjoy my work, instead of just doing the work, just rushing to finish it. Now I am enjoying every edit I have to do and missing people. Imagine us, after this quarantine – we will love and appreciate each other so damn strong! So … just stay calm, stay safe, stay positive. Life is beautiful, just is sleeping for a little bit. But.. spring will come… the life will wake up again… stay strong! Take a look at Emilia’s gallery. Isn’t she just adorable and gives us hope?

Much love – Gabriele.




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