This week has brought so much sadness and fear to the world. We want to protect our loved ones. We try to keep them closer to our hearts and hug them a little harder than usually. Coronavirus “situation” brought so much anxiety and thoughts about the life itself. What is the most important:  to spend time with kids, teach them new things, just to spend more time with the family. Even tho it’s a sad timing, but I appreciate every minute I can be with my loved ones. I missed just being there for them, without any distractions of busy life styles. No running, no excuses. You are just present to dig in in your child’s lives. This week I am a teacher, a cleaning lady, a mother, a father, a music instructor, PE teacher, a doctor, a healer, a God –  I am everything. And it’s fine. I will be okey. We all will be okey after this chaos. We just have to be positive, to stay home as much as we can. We need to listen to our hearts in order to protect the world to get rid of this Covid-19 virus for once and for all.

I do a lot of reading, I almost finished all my clients galleries I had to work on. Since I took a little break from photography,  no new clients at this hard time. I am able just to enjoy my work, instead of just doing the work, just rushing to finish it. Now I am enjoying every edit I have to do and missing people. Imagine us, after this quarantine – we will love and appreciate each other so damn strong! So … just stay calm, stay safe, stay positive. Life is beautiful, just is sleeping for a little bit. But.. spring will come… the life will wake up again… stay strong! Take a look at Emilia’s gallery. Isn’t she just adorable and gives us hope?

Much love – Gabriele.

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Hey.I guess we all needed a little break from life a little bit. With coronavirus “situation” we all basically just sitting at home. Our busy lifestyles are slowing down for sometime. We all feel a little anxious of what it might happen in the future, but we still have to keep going and do what needs to be done: spending time with kids, trying to keep positive as we possibly can. Well, I am pretty busy here, since I have three kids. But  also I’ve been working on my galleries, finishing to edit all photos, updating my website and working on marketing for my business.

So today I finished one beautiful gallery. This gallery is of two little identical baby girls, I had a chance to photograph couple weeks ago. I absolutely enjoyed woking with them, and their gallery turned out so sweet and magical. Hopefully their parents will enjoy their images too!

I have such a deep connection with TWINS. Probably because I have a twin myself and this all quarantine ( because of coronavirus) makes me miss her even more. All my plans to see her in the summer, slowly dyeing, but I still have a hope that I will be able to travel to Lithuania this summer…

So yeah, please try to keep safe, take this time to recharge yourself, stay at home a much as you can with your loved ones. Hopefully this “mess” will end soon, and we will be able to visit different countries, to do what we love doing. We probably will change some priorities in life what was long forgotten. SO.. just stay positive, world. Much Love – Gabriele.

© JustGaba photography 2020


Today I feel sad. I am listening to sad songs, drinking hot tea, wishing of warmness in my thoughts and outside. It is March, but still is pretty cold outside and moody. I feel the emptiness of todays weight. Like with the sleeping nature, my body also sleeps. All I want is to be lazy, to listen to the calm sad music and to feel sorry for myself for no particular reason, but I like look deeper inside of myself on those “sad” days. But like everyday, we wake up, we do what we suppose to do being adults. If we have kids, we do their breakfast, we get them ready to go to school, we do all kinds of duties, before even a thought about what do I want from today? Sometimes a warm hug, sometimes an honest message from a lost friend, or maybe just a cup of coffee with an ice cream. Even if we feel a little down sometimes, we still try to be ourselves as much as we can. So today is not an extraordinary day for me. I look through people’s faces in their photos. Sometimes I even catch myself thinking, what are they thinking today, are their ears are red of my thoughts of them, or from staring for so long into their photographs. Can they feel that? Or it’s just silly me. Even the winter is almost finished, I still find myself editing winter photos. I love winter. But don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spring as well! I can’t wait for the warm weather and the sunny days! Spring is my birthday season! But like one of my favorite musician Ōlafur Arnalds says ” I am Winter ” for today. Maybe if I look at happy images for a longer time, I will find a missing piece of happiness in my end? just today… just for today…

© JustGaba photography 2020


Good evening, every one!

Today I will share Elena’s and her babies Benjamin gallery. I met Elena when she was just expecting her fourth baby. We did maternity winter photos, and then we met again, when baby Benjamin was just 8 days old, and we did reshoot at the same location, just with a newborn baby in her hands. Later on, we decided that we need to meet one more time for family images. So we met third time and I captured Benjamin with his little ( now- big brother Vincent ) . It is always nice to meet warm people, to talk about their needs and what ideas they have, and what ideas I might have.

I love winter sessions. Especially when it’s snowing outside.

And to photograph newborn babies outdoors – it’s my second favorite thing. Those photo sessions are more affordable, so if the family can’t afford a regular baby photoshoot indoors at my studio, those outdoor ones- are definitely for your family. Never be afraid to talk to me, I will always find a way the session to happen. Even if it will be just one image.

I love unposed photos, I try more and more to incorporate that in my photography. Unposed and candid shots. That’s why those images with mommy and her baby in the wind are my favorites. What are you favorite image from this gallery?

Please take a look at their gallery, and have a great night, world!

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Hello all! Another gallery of beautiful baby girl Lola Kay ( 10 days new)  is ready for their mommy and daddy to see! This is their third child, and the third baby photo session I capture for them. What a blessing to have such a gorgeous girls, and I am so humbled to be a little part of their lives. Thankful that they  chose me to capture those precious moments for them to keep forever, they drove almost 4 hours to get to Homer Glen, IL. Lola was only 10 days on her newborn photo session. She was adorable, sleepy little baby, and our experience was pleasant and remembered with a smile on my face. I am sharing few images from their gallery <3

Happy International Woman’s Day to all ladies out there!

© JustGaba photography 2020