My name is Gabriele Dabasinskaite. Close people call me just Gaba, that is how the business name
“JustGaba photography” was born.

 I have been photographing babies, expecting mothers, kids and families for almost 9 years now.
Lately, I am very into women portraits: a little bit wild, a little bit raw. Just the way they were created by nature. I admire women’s bodies, so in my pictures I try to open up not only their body but also their soul and to show them that they are all very beautiful, even without makeup or expensive clothing. The best location for those kinds of portraits of course is nature itself.

As every photographer and  artist, I want to share my creative art with others. It is always a pleasure to leave a little message or feeling to the world, whatever it might be.That is why my exhibition was born. To be seen and felt.

I believe this year was all about my growth. This growing creativity  was awakened, which I wasn’t trying to stop or deny. I was listening to my inner child, who was screaming inside of me and little by little I was able to find it in myself. I went through the sadness in me, maybe it was some kind of crisis, what every woman experiences with time and aging. I wanted to create: to draw, to sing, to dance, to play! I WANTED TO GROW. I fell in love with the sadness in me, I was listening to my inner “ I” and I was able to find and return that little girl to myself, which I had abandoned a long time ago. She was lost somewhere in the deepest corners of me, somehow forgotten between work, raising kids, just living this crazy routine we all adults are living.She was buried somewhere in the dark place.
I have changed a lot during this year. I realized that I don’t have to be perfect all the time, beautiful or interesting to others. I was hidden in some kind of shell, afraid of people, afraid of travels, I have created so many fears for myself and I wasn’t trying to overcome them. But this year has changed me a lot. Maybe it is true that the woman needs to grow up , mature, ripe like an orange on the tree, so you would become sweet, juicy, tasty. Or maybe a little bit bitter, but real with others and yourself. I didn’t know what’s happening to me, I spoke with psychologists, zoom meetings with interesting people, I spoke, loved, cried, wrote, spoke again, I was reading a lot, but I woke HER UP! My little “Gabriele” sleeping deeply inside of me. I started to draw after almost 20 years. I remember this day like it was today. That amazing feeling when your hands are shaking, and all my feelings: sadness, longing, happiness just came out pouring from me.  I was rushing to greet the world. Every minute when I was drawing, I was with HER.Little ME. I have promised to never abandon her ever again.
So, that’s how the name for my exhibition was born. “Search Of The Inner Child”.
I could continue more, but I still need some time to tame Her more and get to know Her again. It is a process, which I enjoy and I don’t want to rush anything…
I have been drawn to create mandalas for ages . To photograph babies in mandalas – it has become my signature look in newborn photography. So I am sharing my newest creations at this exhibition. A baby’s sweet sleep will warm everyone’s heart. I create what I feel.
And near all the photos, I am sharing my hand – drawings.They are also about mandalas and babies, but I had more freedom drawing those art pieces.  My drawings have fairy-tales, where all the dragons are killed inside ourselves first, also a zodiac theme, which I have always admired. Butterflies came to life, I can’t imagine myself without butterflies !

I really love this quote, so I am going to share it with all of You:
“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation”.








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