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The Kids Of the Sun”


The theme of ‘mandalas’ was born a couple years ago when I began to photograph newborns.   As my comfort level increased and my own style began to develop, I allowed myself to make my own rules rather than play by old ones!  I have always enjoyed finding myself in my work and developing my own concept or style in something I already know.


A mandala is a geometric figure, representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.  For some, it is a representation of the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.    As the artist Maria Trujillo A explains, “Art is a spiritual process for me because it connects me to who I really am, my essence. Each mandala I create is like a picture of my “Self” in that specific moment in time.” I completely relate to her definition. The meaning behind each mandala runs deep for me. As I create, it becomes a ritualistic and spiritual space, a safe place.  My wish, or my dream, is for the baby’s future: He would never get sick, he would never feel fear or know misery, and he would always be protected by good and pure spirits. The dream is laced with harmony, love, and a new beginning.


I think of every good feeling possible while creating my mandalas which is why this exhibition was named “The Kids Of The Sun.” To me, the sun represents love, fire, warmness, and the goodness in us.  It is a symbol of our hopes and dreams. It is our longing for happiness and our desire to be protected.  As I work, I channel the very best in my heart.  Creating these mandalas takes lots of time and patience because the elements are all very fragile.  


I think the most loved mandalas of mine, would be those I have created using natural materials.  ringing natural objects inside, reminds us that every life starts from the elements in the Nature. So, I try to incorporate those little details, my mandala ingredients, using natural products like branches of the trees, or falling leaves, all types of flowers, stones, sea shells, sand, nuts, cones, chestnuts. My favorite is the use of flower petals which would otherwise die in a vase in my home.  I just “save” them by giving them new life in my art. Then, I feel that they will live forever!  I try to build the mandalas, which can take hours, just before the baby arrives to keep the details fresh.  Next, I carefully place the sleeping baby —the main attraction– to complete my work.

Captured memories from my First  Personal Photography Exhibition “The Kids Of The Sun” 2019


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